Human traffickers arrested in Oklahoma

13/03/2013 16:46
Seven people were arrested and charged slapped with human trafficking charges in Tulsa Oklahoma. Some of the charges include: sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion. All seven criminals pled guilty and received jail sentences, and restitution charges. Two men were also arrested yesterday in...

Osama Bin Laden's wives and daughters arrested!

02/04/2012 16:31
Three of Osama Bin Laden’s wives have been arrested in Pakistan for violating Pakistan immigration laws. They are expected to be held for a fortnight before being deported. The three widows and two daughters of the slain Osama Bin Laden, who was killed by US navy seals, are being detained for...

Fakhra Younus

20/03/2012 14:42
Fakhra Younus, a Pakistan national took her life on March 17, 2012 after enduring over 3 dozen surgeries to repair her face and body after an acid attack by former husband. Younus met her husband as a teenager working as a dancer and the two later got married. The marriage lasted three years, and...

Help the women of Haiti

01/02/2011 14:48
It has been over a year since the devastating earthquake in Haiti that left over 230,000 people dead, and many homeless. Despite the overwhelming support and outpouring help rendered, the nation still faces many challenges. In the aftermath of one of the most catastrophic natural disasters the...

Iran to execute woman for adultery

12/07/2010 11:50
  Among various human rights violations in Iran, the most common are those against women. It was reported last week that a 43-year-old woman convicted of adultery might be stoned to death as a punishment. Not only is such a punishment too harsh and cruel for the “crime” in question, but also a...

On the possibility of passing the HIV/AIDS bill in Uganda.

31/05/2010 22:01
  While it is important to ensure a minimal spread of HIV AIDS among citizens, it is equally important to make certain that the prevention as such doesn’t impede human rights and human right laws. Although the HIV and AIDS control bill has been criticized by many as a violation of human...

US Willing to work with the ICC

12/05/2010 23:18
  The International Court of Justice (ICC) was established in 2002, as a world court responsible for prosecuting war crimes, crimes against humanity, crime of aggression and genocide. Since it’s inception, the ICC has opened investigation concerning various crimes particularly in Northern...

Slavery and Forced Labour in Senegal

19/04/2010 01:34
When Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean initially made claims of slavery in Africa, many dismissed her blunter as mere talk. It turns out her claims are true, and are being supported by a new report from the Human Rights Watch, an organization that also describes slavery as a common custom in western parts...

Executions on the increase in Iran

31/03/2010 09:00
  Although the UN called on nations to abolish the death penalty, this cruel form of punishment still exists in Iran, and it is feared that executions have ramped up following protests contesting last year’s presidential elections. Masses have been seen on the streets carrying signs of...

President Omar al-Bashir charged with genocide?

04/02/2010 07:00
  President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan who was already indicted for war crimes committed in Darfur might have genocide added to his list of crimes. The Darfur conflict, which lasted 5 years, led to the death of approximately 250000 victims, and resulted in a gross violation of human...
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