Human traffickers arrested in Oklahoma

13/03/2013 16:46

Seven people were arrested and charged slapped with human trafficking charges in Tulsa Oklahoma. Some of the charges include: sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion. All seven criminals pled guilty and received jail sentences, and restitution charges. Two men were also arrested yesterday in San Fransisco in relation to human trafficking. Jaquain Young, a 39 year old man of San Francisco recruitted a minor for commercial sexual services and was arrested when he made arrangements to meet said minor on 48th Avenue.

In January, the European police arrested at least 103 people in 10 countries who were suspected of smuggling immigrants into Europe on boats for sale as sex slaves, and modern slaves. This is one of the biggest arrests yet. The police collected mobile phones, 176,500 Euros in cash, laptops and bank statements used by human traffickers.

It is encouraging and heartwarming to know that the fight against modern slavery is being taken seriously. There are over 27 million people living as slaves around the world and it is important, now more than ever for us to stand up and raise our voices against this epidemic. Everyone needs to do their part, especially governements who are in position to effect real change.