International Criminal Court issues warrant of arrest for President Omar-al- Bashir

05/03/2009 14:44

 After a conference held on Wednesday in Hague, the ICC issued a warrant for arrest for the Sudanese President- Omar-al- Bashir. The warrant lists war crimes against humanity  such as rape, extermination, murder, torture, which the President is suspected to be responsible for. The court was reluctant to include a count of genocide, due to lack of sufficient evidence that would grant this conflict as a genocide, but stated that they would ammend the warrant in case any further evidence was gathered.


President Bashir:


The conflict in Darfur has been going on for over 5 years, and has seen to the death of at least 250,000 people, while another 2 million have had to flee their homes, and relocate to IDP camps. Following the announcement, the Sudanese government ordered the expulsion of 10 foreign aid organizations that have been providing aid for over 2 million homeless people in Darfur. The president stated that he would not appear before the court because the court doesnt have any jurisdiction over Sudan. A number of demostrators seen protesting against this warrant in the capital vowed to protect and defend their president to the very last of their breath...