Iran to execute woman for adultery

12/07/2010 11:50


Among various human rights violations in Iran, the most common are those against women. It was reported last week that a 43-year-old woman convicted of adultery might be stoned to death as a punishment. Not only is such a punishment too harsh and cruel for the “crime” in question, but also a violation of the right to life.


Although Iranian government officials announced on Thursday that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani would not be stoned, it is still feared that she might be hanged instead. This is just as severe as stoning.


Amnesty International reveal that the mother of two who was convicted in May 2006, received 99 lashes as punishment for having relationships with two men. In addition to this however, the government is pushing her sentence further by seeking to end her life. The change in the method of execution doesn’t change the fact that this is still a violation of Sakineh Ashtiani’s human rights.


“Amnesty International is aware of at least 10 other people (seven women and three men) under sentence of stoning and believes there are likely to be others. Last year, at least three people sentenced to death by stoning were in fact executed by hanging.”   [ Amnesty International- Canada]


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