Slavery and Forced Labour in Senegal

19/04/2010 01:34

When Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean initially made claims of slavery in Africa, many dismissed her blunter as mere talk. It turns out her claims are true, and are being supported by a new report from the Human Rights Watch, an organization that also describes slavery as a common custom in western parts of Africa. . The report shows that Islamic schools in Senegal send out children (as young as the age of four) to beg for money all day, and often beat them when they don't return with enough cash.

Not only are these religious institutions profiting at the expense of little children, but are also abusing their human rights. it is absurd and ridiculous that persons in position of power, who are supposed to be instruments of change are using their supremacy to torture innocent citizens. 

Jean's statement about the plight of children in Senegal was widely reported by media in that country, where an in-depth survey has concluded that at least 50,000 boys are being exploited and frequently beaten at their religious schools.

Human-rights activists in Africa estimate that, as many as 27 million people live in modern-day slavery - and that there are more slaves in the world now than at any point in human history. 

The UN's High Commission on Human Rights has suggested a variety of means to fight the problem, including product boycotts and mandatory labeling of goods in industries - like carpet weaving - where child exploitation has been a problem. (Yahoo news)