We Remember

11/11/2015 19:16

I have the privilege of living in a nation where I can freely express myself. I have access to basic human rights and needs and fully exercise my right to vote, freedom of speech and political expression. I live in a peaceful nation void of bloodshed on the streets, where civil wars aren’t our daily reality. I am privileged to live in a nation where my gender rights are not threatened, and I freely walk on the streets without the fear of being abducted by rebels. What an honour it is to know that my right to life isn’t threatened by a political conflict!

This freedom has largely been secured by those who have gone before us. Many brave men and women in uniform have sacrificed their lives so that we can live in peace.  Today the inhabitants of this land continue to enjoy peace and freedom because of the brave souls who selflessly laid down their lives and those who continue to serve our nation.  Many nations in different parts of the world are faced by wars, political unrest, and unending civil conflicts. Many children have been forcefully recruited as  child soldiers  to fight wars they do not understand and unfortunately their sacrifice isn’t for the freedom of their loved ones. They fight to further the agenda of warlords who could care less about who lives or dies. Their sacrifice is in vain!

However, there are many soldiers in Canada, and other parts of the world, who have sacrificially given their lives for the benefit of their fellow citizens and their gift cannot be taken for granted. Sometimes when we watch the news and see catastrophes in other nations, we empathize but perhaps never stop for a moment to appreciate what we have here, that is until November when our calendars prompt us to remember!

Every day that we get to walk on the streets without the fear of being shot at or blown up should be a day to celebrate freedom! Every single day that we wake up and get to enjoy simple pleasures like tweeting, blogging, and expressing our opinion in one way or another is another opportunity to appreciate the freedom that this nation offers.

So today, we remember those who have gone before us… those who have laid down their lives for Canada to be what it is today. Today and every other day of the year, we celebrate the lives of the brave men and women who have paved the way for us to enjoy simple pleasures in life.

To our fallen heroes … thank you for laying down your lives! We celebrate YOU and may we never forget your sacrifice!

And to those who have served and continue to serve… thank you for giving so selflessly. We honour the gift of freedom and peace we have because of you!

Thank you!