The plight of Afghan women

01/05/2008 17:29

Because of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, the injustices against the Afghan women have been swept under the rag. It has been reported that women are being mistreated, abused and raped by Afghan men, and the authorities are not doing much to administer justice.

One such woman is Pakistan native Rukhma who was kidnapped from her home with her infant child, raped and watched helplessly as her attacker beat her child to death. Even though her attacker was detained for 20 years for murder, she also had to serve a 4 year sentence for “adultery”, a baseless and bogus charge against a helpless woman who had little control over her plight. It is unfathomable that any legal system would boldly stand and defend such a sentence. The new constitution which was instituted after the fall of the Taliban rule advocates for the rights of women, even though the statutes in question haven’t really been upheld.  Women who are raped cannot report their attackers for fear of being persecuted and jailed for adultery. It has therefore become the norm for women to be abused, and kidnapped because the law will not protect them. If a woman leaves her home without the permission of her family, it is deemed an offense and she could face death. Women who are raped are forced to either marry their attacker or face a jail sentence.

Another 16 year old victim of injustice lies in a hospital bed at Kabul Hospital after being attacked by her husband. He cut off her nose and ears, bashed out most of her teeth and poured boiling water on her. Even though she is on the mend, the impact of these injuries will stay with her for the rest of her life. Her husband is yet to be reprimanded by the officials.  It is heart wrenching that Rukhma and many other afghan women who are abused and mistreated everyday never receive justice.  The ridiculousness of the Afghan legal system is overwhelming.